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Some of the ways I can help you make the world a better place.


I help develop projects from the backend functionality to frontend design. As a fullstack developer, I build web and mobile apps to meet your various needs.

Social Media Marketing

72% of adults using the internet use Facebook. Certified through Lurn FB Academy I have learned the foundations of building affective Facebook Campaigns and how to use the platform to optimize goals for businesses.

Brand Identity

How a business presents themselves determines in many ways how a customer procieves them. Let me help you send the right message as we discover the brand idenity that reflects the heart of your business.


Every business has a product or service. To make a sale that product or service has to be sold not just made. Sales keep businesses alive and selling requires proper communication from copy.

Good copy allows proper engangement with an audience and interaction between a business and customers.


Potential customers have to be able to find a business. In todays world people find businesses online. With search engine optimization helps businesses online unpaid visabilty.


A few ways I am helping others.

TurnKey Shared Kitchen

Brand Identity, Web Development and Marketing Plan

Give an Aewsome

Android App & Web Development

Proper Channel's Logo

Proper Channel

Logo Design

City of Tallahassee - Find My Bus App

App Development


A little bit about me.

Hello World,

I am entrpruneur that specializes in software development, social media marketing and graphic design.

No matter what project or oppurtunity I get with someone, I believe the greatest asset I bring is communication. Just like any healthy relationship I believe it is only possible to be a productive team, is when their is constant honest dialog between all parties.

I look forwward to any oppurtunities we may have to work together to make the world a greater place.

- Dante Bland

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