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Payment Structure for Podcast Video Production

To commence the journey of bringing your podcast vision to life, an initial deposit is required for each chosen package. This deposit secures your spot in our production schedule and covers preliminary production costs. Following the completion of each episode, the remaining balance will be due. This structure is designed to provide transparency and ease as we collaboratively produce engaging content for your audience. Below outlines the specific payment steps for our partnership:

Initial Deposit

Upon selecting your preferred podcast video production package, an initial deposit is required to kickstart the pre-production process. This deposit is a sign of commitment and covers the initial costs associated with planning and setting up your podcast’s production.

Payment Upon Completion

After the successful completion and delivery of each podcast episode, the remaining balance for that episode will be due. This ensures that you are satisfied with the final product and contributes to the continuous, high-quality production of your series.

We’re committed to providing transparent and straightforward payment processes, ensuring a smooth collaboration from start to finish. If you have any questions or need further clarification regarding our payment structure, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

 Podcast Episode

Completion Fee


per episode


Podcast Production Package

Starting at just:


$500 deposit + $250/episode

Get your podcast off the ground with essential production and launch support.

Ideal for new podcasters or businesses looking to explore the medium without a significant upfront investment.

Kickstart Your Podcasting Venture

Ideal for beginners or those looking to enter the podcasting scene with a splash, the Unmute Podcast Production Package offers essential production and branding tools to launch with confidence. It simplifies the technical process, enabling creators to focus on their content while ensuring a professional and engaging listener experience.

Package Features

  • Shoot Days: Up to 2 days
  • Locations: Single location
  • Episodes: Up to 4 episodes
  • Session Duration: Up to 2 hours per episode
  • Editing: Standard audio editing for professional quality sound
  • Music: Royalty-free intro and outro music tailored to your podcast’s theme
  • Visual Branding: Custom cover art, episode graphics, and social media banners for cohesive visual branding.
  • Episode Length: Up to 1 hour per episode
  • Micro-Clips for Social Media: 1 micro-clip per episode for engaging audience promotion
  • Enhanced Audio Features: Dynamic sound enhancements seamlessly integrated by our production team


Podcast Production Package

Starting at just:


$1,500 deposit + $250/episode

Elevate your podcast with higher production values and marketing support.

Expand and Engage

Designed for podcasters aiming to elevate their show and widen their audience, the Amplify Podcast Production Package combines advanced production enhancements with strategic growth tactics. This package is the stepping stone to transforming your podcast into a captivating and widely recognized brand.

Package Features

  • Shoot Days: Up to 4 days
  • Locations: Up to 2 locations
  • Episodes: Up to 8 episodes
  • Session Duration: Up to 3 hours per episode
  • Editing: Enhanced audio editing for dynamic listening experiences
  • Music: Custom-selected intro and outro tracks
  • Visual Branding: Custom cover art, episode graphics, and social media banners for cohesive visual branding.
  • Episode Length: Up to 1.5 hours per episode
  • Micro-Clips for Social Media: 3 micro-clips per episode for wider engagement

Platform Optimization and Engagement Strategy

This package builds on the initial setup with ongoing platform optimization and engagement strategies. After the initial launch, we focus on maximizing your podcast’s reach and listener engagement across all available platforms. This includes SEO optimization based on evolving keywords trends, enhancing your podcast’s profiles for increased visibility, and implementing interactive elements to foster audience participation. A key execution task is the strategic use of call-to-actions within episodes to drive reviews, shares, and community building on social media. The effectiveness of this strategy is measured through improved rankings on podcast platforms, increased downloads, and active listener feedback.


Podcast Production Package


$2,500 deposit + $250/episode

Launch or expand a podcast network with multiple shows under one brand.

Unrivaled Excellence and Reach

The Crescendo Podcast Production Package caters to serious podcasters focused on industry dominance, offering unparalleled production quality, comprehensive marketing strategies, and bespoke branding solutions. It’s the ultimate choice for those committed to making a significant impact and achieving lasting growth in the podcasting landscape.

Package Features

  • Shoot Days: Up to 6 days
  • Locations: Multiple locations for diverse content settings
  • Episodes: Up to 12 episodes
  • Session Duration: Up to 4 hours per episode for extensive coverage
  • Editing: Premium editing with narrative enhancement and immersive soundscapes
  • Music: Bespoke music composition for a unique auditory signature
  • Visual Branding: Custom cover art, episode graphics, and social media banners for cohesive visual branding.
  • Episode Length: Up to 2 hours per episode for in-depth exploration
  • Micro-Clips for Social Media: 5 micro-clips per episode for comprehensive online engagement

Full-Spectrum Growth and Monetization Strategy

Tailored for established podcasts aiming for expansion and revenue generation, this strategy encompasses a broad range of tactics, including advanced platform setups for monetization, strategic partnerships for audience expansion, and sophisticated marketing campaigns. Execution tasks involve setting up and optimizing monetization channels such as sponsorships, memberships, and merchandise sales, alongside deploying targeted ad campaigns and cross-promotional activities with relevant partners. The strategy also includes detailed analytics tracking and performance review sessions to continually refine tactics based on audience behavior and revenue performance. Success metrics include significant audience growth, engagement rates, and measurable increases in revenue streams.